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Fairfield is known for its quality schools and school programs. Students can attend public, private or a full range of parochial Catholic or Christian schools. Fairfield City Schools operates the largest public high school in the State of Ohio. As such, Fairfield High School can offer a number of activities and variety of classes that appeal to many students. It is locally recognized for many academic and athletic programs and is regionally considered as having one of the strongest drama programs producing many students who have made it their career. Take advantage of your schools classes and opportunities to better yourself and prepare for life.

Fairfield City Schools

Senior High School
The mission of Fairfield High School, working with the home and community, is to instill in all students the desire and skills for academic, character, and social development. This is provided in a safe and nurturing environment that is respectful of each student’s learning style, potential, and cultural diversity in order to cultivate responsible and productive citizens for the future.

Butler Tech

Christian Schools

Catholic Schools