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Should I get a part-time job?


A few ideas for your part time job search
1. Check out web sites to learn information about companies that hire teens.
2. Ask your friends and fellow students where they have worked or are working.
3. Ask parents, teachers, counselors, ministers or other neighborhood adults about area companies and ideas for available jobs. It is called networking.
4. Look for signs on store windows or marquees.
5. Listen to announcements at school and read want ads in the newspaper.
6. Go to Summer Job Fairs sponsored through the school.
7. Apply for the job early in the day if possible. It makes a good impression.
8. In a few days after applying, follow up with the interviewer to thank him/her and inquire of the status of your application. It shows interest.
9. Keep a list of all the companies you contact or search on line. Record whether you contacted them, turned in an application, made follow up call, and status of interview.
10. Follow up on any “leads” as soon as possible. You are in competition for the job.

Job Search Sites

What to promote in the interview
1. Your experiences or work history that will help you meet their job expectations.
2. Your availability and punctuality
3. Your enthusiasm
4. Your appearance, which includes neatness, dress, cleanliness, and attitude. Hide or remove the distracters that draw attention or would not be typically accepted by their customers.
5. Good communication. Speak clearly and answer questions with a purpose in mind.

Local Job Sources

On Line Sources
Teens4Hire.org: Jobs for teens— Full time, part time, summer, seasonal and vocational jobs for teenagers
Teen Resources12:53 PM 12/13/2010 USA.gov/

Assorted business listings

Waterparks and Recreation
The Beach Waterpark | JOBS: application

Need a Resume?

Now that you have a job

Safety and Health Issues on the Job

How to perform and keep your job.
1. Be on time
2. Work to the best of your ability
3. Always look for ways to “show your worth” by taking on responsibility
4. Follow instructions and ask questions if you do not understand.
5. Don’t always wait for your superior to tell you what to do. Learn what needs to be done and help out.
6. Show respect for the superior and fellow workers.
7. Be friendly, have a positive attitude and don’t “trash” others or the job.
8. Don’t make or take phone calls or talk casually when you are on the job or customers are around.
9. If you make a mistake, admit it, and take steps to correct it.
10. Be open to doing new tasks and learning new procedures in the job.