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Fairfield High School Activities

The Arts | Butler Tech | Languages | Student Leadership

The Arts

African American Voices of Youth

African American Voice of Youth is a student run group that focuses on educating out FHS community about Black History. We hold several events, but out main activity is the Black History Month Production. The students help create, write, stage and perform this wonderful production. All are welcome! We look forward to seeing you!

Dance Team

The dance team holds try-outs at the end of the school year. Depending on your tryouts the Fairfield Senior High Dance Team is created. The dance team practices an hour and forty five minutes every Tuesday and Thursday. The team performs at varsity boy's basketball games and a few of the girl's games. The team has the opportunity to perform during the pre-game and at half-time. Being on the dance team is a lot of work but it is always fun! If you are one who loves to motivate, encourage, and dance, this is definitely the team for you. Please see Ms. Hartings if you have any questions concerning the team.

Drama Club

The Drama Club is a place where students can act, sing, dance, build sets, bring sound to the audience, and light the stage. We are comprised of approximately 145 students that assist in creating four productions a year. We have two main stage (PAC) plays, a Kathleen Sullivan Studio Theatre production and a Main stage musical that we produce in conjunction with the Music Department. Our club is actively involved with the International Thespian Society and The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the CAPPIES organization. We offer student workshops in both stage performances and technical design. Our students have also staged their own plays in our Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival. While we continue to grow and create wonderful theatre, it is only because of our rich past that we have succeeded.

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Film Club

Early in the year 2005, there was something brewing in Fairfield High School. John Holdun, backed by Justin Jantzen and Rusty Bickel (all juniors at the time), accosted one Mr. Muldoon after a drama club meeting. For you see, late the year before (stay with me here), John found a new passion in life. Eager to participate in the end-of-year Variety Show, he conjured up an idea for an unsuspecting music video (starring the aforementioned Rusty). It turned out better than he could have ever dreamed...kind of. This year, the club has seen considerable success, beginning with their second foray into the world of competitive filmmaking. Our Fox 19 film contest entry, with the ironically simple title of "Our Life at Fairfield," directed by new President and longtime member Mike Cargioli, was a creative take a day at FHS, depicting our student boy floating about to some feel-good happy-time music. Not only was it a winner, but it has propelled the group to creating more . . . and more . . . and more. Meeting every Friday after school in room 3206, come join us. All are welcome.

Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance is the new all-female show choir offered as an extra-curricular activity at Fairfield High School. Following in the footsteps of the co-curricular "Choraliers" show choir, this group rehearses twice a week and performs at community events and will compete in regional show choir competitions. Auditions will be held at the end of the school year for the following season. Performers should be enrolled in a music class to be a part of this activity. Female students with vocal and/or dance training are especially encouraged to be apart of this talented ensemble!

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S.P.A.M. (Students Promoting Arts to the Masses)

S.P.A.M is Fairfield High School's student run art club. S.P.A.M. also offers opportunities for serious art students to be involved in the National Art Honor Society (NAHS.) The purpose of S.P.A.M is to encourage students to explore the many opportunities of art and to support the community and school through service. S.P.A.M. offers monthly opportunities for students that are not involved in art club or any art class, to express their interest in art by participating in Art Cafe. Art Cafe is a program in which students come to an art room for a class period and participate in community service and community beautification projects. In addition to the many service projects both in school and in the community, S.P.A.M also offers students opportunities to go on field trips and other art enlightening activities.
There are many ways you can help S.P.A.M. We are willing to accept any type of donations, ranging from ideas to supplies. We are also willing to paint murals in public areas.

The Fairfield Choraliers

The Fairfield Choraliers are the top mixed choral ensemble of Fairfield High School, functioning as both a show choir and concert choir. The Choraliers performs at local, regional, state, and national events. Throughout its forty year tradition of excellence, the Choraliers have captured many Grand Champion awards and accolades for Best Vocal Sound, Choreography, and instrumental Ensemble. Students interested in Choraliers are required to perform both a vocal and dance audition at the end of the school year for the upcoming season. Students who make the Choraliers will be required to enroll in the Choralier class during the school day for the entire year. Travel commitments both in and out of school will be expected with this ensemble, as are additional after school rehearsals.

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The Fairfield High School Marching Band

The FHS Marching Bands is an extra-curricular group comprised of students in grades 9-12. All members are in some performing ensemble during the school day. Over two hundred members make up the group, which consists of brass, woodwinds, percussion, and color guard. Each fall, the band presents a new shoe in OMEA and Mid-State marching competitions, both regionally and statewide. The band also plays at school football games (home and away) throughout the season. The group is managed by a handful of directors and many parent volunteers; and they are proud to represent the City of Fairfield and its schools.

The Fairfield High School Pep Band

The Fairfield High School Pep Band is a group of about seventy-five musicians who prepare and perform music at home basketball games, pep rallies, intramural sports, and other select events. During the winter and early spring months, the group assembles to provide entertainment at these events, by performing a mix of popular and show music. All musicians in grades 9-12 are able to participate.

Tri-M (Modern Music Masters)

Tri-M is a national music honor society for serious music students. In order to become a member, interested students in grades 9-12 must fill out an application in the fall which includes signatures from the student's counselor and music teacher as well as recommendation letters. Students are notified of their acceptance and then are required to perform in an induction recital. Members of Tri-M participate in a number of activities over the course of the year including both performance and community service events. Some Tri-M activities include, ushering concerts and performing at nursing homes. Every year there are opportunities for student leadership and socialization. Tri-M also does annual fund raising to help improve our school and promote the arts.

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Unique Steppers

Founded 2006 by FHS Junior Nikkia Morris, Fairfield High School now has its very own Step Team/Club! "Stepping" is a very unique style of synchronized dance using military formations and cadences while rhythmically clapping hands and stomping feet which creates astounding beats! By bringing unique skills, quality, respect, hard work, dedication, and discipline together, this team/club will provide an additional yet positive opportunity for many FHS students for many years to come.

Butler Tech

Business Professionals of America, Fairfield Business Academy Chapter

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a career technical student organization with over 10,000 members in Ohio and 50,000 members nationwide. The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. Business students participate in leadership workshops and development (one of our members was elected a BPA National Officers; another member was elected an Ohio Regional Officers), community service (our state and national service project is Special Olympics), and competitive events (eight of our members were State Trophy Winners, earning a trip to compete at BPA Nationals in Orlando, Florida. Two of these students were awarded national medals.) This year, members will compete at the BPA National Leadership Conference in New York, New York,
Membership Registration: We currently have forty-three members registered. To become a member, a junior or senior must be enrolled in the Fairfield Business Academy. Sophomores may also join if they are enrolled in the Business and Management Foundations course either 1st or 2nd semester. There is a $20.00 membership fee to join BPA.

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Business Professionals of America, Fairfield IT Chapter

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a career technical student organization with over 10,000 members in Ohio and 50,000 members nationwide. The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. Business students participate in leadership workshops and development of community service (out state and national service project is Special Olympics), and competitive events.
Membership Registration: We currently have forty-nine members registered. To become a member, students who are a junior or senior must be enrolled in the Fairfield Applied Computer Technology. Sophomores may also join if they are enrolled in the Intro to Computer Technology course either 1st or 2nd semester. There is a $20.00 membership fee to join BPA

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, is a national organization for students who have taken any course(s) in Family and Consumer Sciences and desire to develop leadership skills, plan and carry out activities that promote the well-being of families, personal wellness, balancing school, work and family, career exploration, community service, managing personal resources, and healthy interpersonal relationships. The heart of this organization is the idea that students generate, organize and carry out the projects of their choice. There are opportunities for large and small group projects, as well as, individual ones. Students, who desire, may take completed projects to competition and receive recognition at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

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Skills USA, Engineering Design & Engineering Technology Foundations, Fairfield Chapter

Skills USA is a national organization serving more than 284,000 high school and college/postsecondary students and professional members in career and technical education training programs. Through Skills USA, students gain self-esteem, pride in their work, leadership and professional development skills to help them make a smooth transition from school to the workplace. Engineering students and Engineering Technology Foundation students (Manufacturing and Computer Aided Drafting) are eligible to participate in leadership workshops and competitive events related to the engineering programs.
Membership Registration: Junior and senior students enrolled in the Fairfield Engineering Design I & II class and sophomores enrolled in the Fairfield Engineering Technology Foundations class (Manufacturing and Computer Aided Drafting) will be registered into Skills USA after paying the $20.00 membership fee.


French Club

French Club is open to all students who are pursuing French language study. Our goal is to provide students learning French the opportunity to socialize and participate in activities which relate to the French language and culture (through films, authentic food, games, holiday customs, etc.) The French Club typically meets on the first Friday of each month, depending on the activity.

German Club

German Club is open to any student who would like to learn more about Germany and its renowned culture. The goal is to provide students, who are interested in learning about Germany, the opportunity to socialize and participate in activities, which relate to the language and culture. Activities include, but are not limited to films, cooking authentic dishes, games, celebrating traditional holiday customs, etc. German Club meets the third Friday of every month.

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Latin Club

Membership and participation in Latin Club is open to those students who have taken or are currently taking Latin. Our goal is to provide opportunities to socialize and participate in activities which encourage the exchange of cultural ideas, focusing on classical themes. We celebrate Roman holidays. We also try to interact with other foreign language clubs as well as perform a yearly service activity.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is open to students pursuing a Spanish language study. The goal is to provide students learning Spanish the opportunity to socialize and participate in activities which relate to the Spanish language and culture. Spanish Club meets the first Monday of every month.

Student Leadership

Academic Team

The Academic Team is comprised of students who love to learn, as well as, compete with each other and other academic teams in the GMC. Using a buzzer system for answering questions, your knowledge of all academic disciplines will be challenged. The Varsity and Reserve teams will begin practices in late October. Please contact either Mr. Lopina or Mr. Toman with any questions. We look forward to an amazing season.
"Live like you were to die today, learn like you are to live forever." -Gandhi

Chess Team

The Fairfield chess team, nicknamed the Fairfield "Knights", is totally and unequivocally "off the Rook!" The opportunity to become one of the few, the proud, the Fairfield "Knights" is open to absolutely any "mate" who's interested. If you would like to see if you have what it takes to personally be one of the "Kings" or "Queens" of Fairfield's grand chess "Castle", then you can come "check" us out in the fall. The clock starts counting down on our season early in November; however make sure to "pawn" everything you have in order to make it to practices beginning earlier in the fall. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact the coach, Herr Dodge.

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Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination - where creativity and imagination collide. It is a team-based program which includes a process-driven project emphasizing teamwork, creative problem solving and creativity. Teams of five to seven members work together to apply creativity, critical thinking, and their particular talents to solve a Team Challenge. Each Team Challenge is designed to be open-ended and solvable in many ways and on many levels. Teams form in October and compete at the Regional Competition at Miami University (Oxford) in March. For more information please contact Ms. Darlene Feldmann.


FREE, which stands for Fairfield Restores Everyone's Earth, is the FHS environmental club. The primary responsibility of the club is to monitor the school's paper recycling effort by emptying the red recycling bins in every classroom during enrichment periods. InkJet printer cartridges, cell phones, DVD movies and videogames, MP3 players, etc. are recycled as well. If you are interested in serving as an advocate on environmental issues the effect the school and want to join FREE, please see Mrs. Alien for an enrichment pass. All students are encouraged and welcome to join!

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an exciting game that combines golf and Frisbee into a laid back, fun atmosphere. This is the first year of the club's existence and everyone is always welcome. Frisbee golf is completely free and only takes about 45 minutes to play. This is great club to be a part of by yourself or with your friends. We will try to meet twice a week weather permitting as a club, but club members can always play together apart from the club. Harbin Park will be our primary location of meetings. Please see Mr. Fielden in room 2207 for more details. Josh Spears will also be a valuable asset to out Frisbee golf team.

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Indian Spirits

Indian Spirits is a club that promotes school spirit for the high school as a whole, in addition to, various athletic events throughout the year. Indian Spirits is an organization where students are encouraged to be actively engaged with the happenings of the school and want to support their peers as they compete within Greater Cincinnati Area. Indian Spirits have supported many teams by providing a safe, fun, and exciting way of attending the "away" sporting events, by implementing a "Party Bus." Students share their excitement with the whole school by creating and organizing high school pep assemblies for FHS Homecoming and for various other special events. Indian Spirits is a great way of getting involved while showing your Fairfield Pride.


Interact is a division of Rotary Club International and is a youth service organization that promotes leadership and service to the community. Its members are affiliated with the local Fairfield Rotary Club. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for students to serve in a variety of ways that will improve the quality of life in our community. There are various activities in which members can get involved. We support the poor by helping out at food banks and community "kitchens". We collect and pack supplies needed by those who are less fortunate (from Iraqi schoolchildren to hurricane victims to local families). We participate in "walks" for various causes (Cystic Fibrosis, MADD, etc.). In the community, we latch onto many opportunities communicated to us by our Fairfield Volunteer Organization (FAVOR) and provide workers for the RASKALS events (cleaning the yards of senior citizens and the handicapped,) Community Arts events (Pumpkin Patch, Holly Days, art programs, theater events, etc.). We visit nursing homes and help out at animal shelters. We also assist the Rotary with their annual auction. At times when we see a special need, Interact sees what they can do to help. There is something for every interest level to engage, caring young people. We keep track of volunteer hours and award those who earn many service hours with certificates.
Interact is also a training ground for leadership. Many of our members take advantage of the leadership seminars available that allow them to take part in discussions concerning the state of the nation and the world (UN conference), the metropolitan area (UC Peace Initiative, Commission on the homeless and the Mayeson Foundation), and leadership activities. Group membership: 80-100. Small group activities average 8-20

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Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program is designed to allow students who are not necessarily able to participate or interested in the junior varsity or varsity sports program at the school, for any number of reasons, to enjoy co-ed, recreational, sports throughout the school year. The sports will be flag football, corn toss, volleyball, and a sport to be announced. The cost to participate is minimal; $5.00 per event, or all four for $15.00. The purpose of the program is to promote fellowship and participation in the high school setting.

International Club

International Club is an organization for foreign exchange students and for new immigrants within the Fairfield High School community. The International Club is also a great way for students to socialize, share experiences, and become comfortable within the community. American students share in the excitement as they introduce their peers to the new culture. Membership varies from ten to thirty members at any one meeting. Students participate in activities such as, tour Cincinnati, visit the Cincinnati Zoo, visit museums and eat in different restaurants around the area. The international club is a unique opportunity offered to students to learn and laugh with students from around the world.

J Kyle Braid Leadership Group

J Kyle Braid is a small group of students (eight) who are selected based on their athletic participation and natural leadership abilities. Students are selected in the spring of their sophomore year, following a rigorous selection process. Students are nominated by their coaches and teachers. Interviews and resumes are reviewed and selections are made by a committee of teachers, coaches, administers, and current JKB alumni. After selections are finalized students are awarded the opportunity of attending the J Kyle Braid Leadership Ranch in Colorado. The students attend the ranch in preparation for their two year service commitment to their school and community. The purpose of the ranch is to train sixteen-year-olds who are already leaders to become more effective leaders. Students spend one week, free of any charge, in the mountains of Colorado. In return, these student athletes are charged with the responsibility of making a difference in their school and community.

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Junior Class Council

Junior Class Council is made up of five officer positions- President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant of Arms. Elections are held in May during the students' sophomore year.
Junior Class Council is responsible for organizing the Junior Class Homecoming Float and Hallway Decorating Contest. The Class Council is also responsible for the planning on the Junior/Senior Prom. Other events may include service activities and fund raisers. Students elected must demonstrate leadership qualities and a drive to better FHS.

National Honor Society

As it says in the National Honor Society Handbook (1992), "The purpose of the National Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of the secondary schools." Fairfield High School juniors and seniors with GPA's of 3.5 or above are notified of potential membership in September and asked to complete a student activity information form, due in October. Final selection is done by a faculty committee of five teachers, and students are notified of acceptance in early November. There is no quota or set number of students who may be chosen. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month during the school year. Members must keep their GPA at or above 3.5 and perform 20 hours of service for each school year they are members.

Ohio Mock Trial

Ohio Mock Trial provides an opportunity for high school students to participate in an academic competition. The Mock Trial competition teaches students about their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution. The Mock Trial process helps students to develop their public speaking skills, confidence and critical thinking skills. Team members are chosen in October. For more information, contact Mr. Jones in room #1406

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Peer Mediators

Students who are peer mediators work with students in conflict to come up with an agreement that is workable for all parties. The hope is to prevent further disputes and to keep students out of the discipline cycle, as well as show students there are alternative ways to solving problems. The mediators' job is to remain neutral, as they guide students through the process. Mediators have good communications skills, are good listeners, and enjoy working with those in conflict. To become a mediator, a student must attend 16 hours of training in the summer and then attend monthly meetings in which we do further training exercises.

Rocket Club

Rocket Club is a year long after school club for both girls and boys. Students design, build, test and fly large scale model rockets. The club competes in a national competition against other schools across the country to build a rocket which will carry an egg to a height of exactly 750 feet. If you are interested, please contact, Mr. Laufman


SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, works to promote positive decision making among students. Our goal is to encourage students to make good choices about drinking and driving, smoking, drugs, and relationships. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the organization. Meeting times for SADD are the first and third Thursday of each month.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a unique opportunity for students who love science! This club meets on a regular basis to prepare for a state wide competition in the spring. The students will work hands with scientific experiments' while enjoying the company of friends. Science Olympiad is for those students who enjoy working with and learning about the scientific world around us. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Conlon.

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Senior Class Council

Senior Class Council is made up of five officer positions, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant of Arms. Students who are elected as the representative of the Senior Class must demonstrate leadership qualities, are in good standing at FHS, and interested in the betterment of Fairfield High School. Elections for officers are held in May of the students' junior year. The Class Officers will take on many different roles throughout their senior year. Officers will plan and organize the Homecoming Festivities, After - Prom, Graduation, Community Service Projects, Senior Blood Drive, and represent the senior class in all discussions with the administration concerning policies, events, and concerns of the student body.

Sophomore Class Council

The Sophomore Class Council is comprised of the Sophomore Class Officers that are elected at the beginning of their sophomore year. The officers include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and an appointed Sergeant of Arms. The Class Council also included any interested sophomores that help with decisions and implantation of the activities for the tenth grade class. One of the main purposed of the Class Council is to make money for the down payment of the Junior-Senior prom. It is an important fund-raiser because the money needed for prom is always in place by the end of the sophomore year. Additional activities are decided and organized by the council. We look forward to making your sophomore year a GREAT SUCCESS!

Student Government

Student Government is a liaison organization between the students and the administration. Student Government aides the student body in every way possible and have goals to help the Fairfield students, schools, and the community. We provide several large-school events including Powder-Puff Football, Winter Dance, Prom Fashion Show and a Student Exchange with other high schools. There are committees involved within the organization including, Liaison, RAK (Random Acts of Kindness), Volunteer, Fashion Show and Exchange. There are five officers, thirty-six representatives (twelve from each class) and approximately twenty at-large members. Student Government representatives are voted and chosen at the end of the year for service following.

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The UNIT or Understanding New Ideas Together is a student led group composed of young leaders of Fairfield High School. A continuation of a group established previously called Project Appreciation; the students of this group are interested in discussing diversity issues that they face on a daily basis at Fairfield High School. These issues can range from socio-economic issues, to ethnicity, to gender, to general stereotypes and cliques. The young leaders who are members in this group are dedicated to making their school a more unified place for students. The UNIT members want the students of Fairfield High School to understand more about the different cultures and backgrounds that are represented by the diverse student population. They feel that this will bring a stronger sense of pride and unity to the student body and the community.

Youth Summit Action Team (YSAT)

The Youth Summit Action Team is a group that creates anti-drug, alcohol and violence media for schools around the Fairfield City School District and the community. This group also sponsor the Youth Summit held annually in April. The organization meets every Enrichment day. Please see Ms. Nina Rose if you are interested or have any questions concerning the YSAT. It will be a great year!

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